Foreword by Rick Ritter

The creation of this book has been a process—a process much like working with persons with dissociative disorders (Dissociative Identity Disorder specifically).

I would liken the process to the building and development of an organic garden. Building and tending to the soil leads to fruition in the vegetables and fruit products that the soil produces over time and… produces continuously as the gardener replenishes the soil in one way or another so that the garden will continue to produce without depleting or harming the soil. Just as the garden requires preventative maintenance, likewise so does the internal community of the dissociative person.

After a number of years of clients being dissatisfied with the materials available to them that would talk to them on their level in their language and support their internal growth came the inspiration to write got parts?

Got parts? is a work from the heart and because it is from the heart and experience of dissociative persons I believe that it will speak to them, regardless of where they are in their healing journey, in ways that other writings haven’t.

I have had the privilege of working alongside the author as they have struggled against the odds and against the attitudes of many people in their life to come to this point in their journey. The author has humbly worked on and worked through many obstacles to bring you, the reader, this gift from their heart.

From the earliest lines and the trepidation that arose at so many varied points along the way I believe the writings will become a significant piece of the rebuilding of one’s foundation if they are dissociative, and if they are a friend or family member it will bring them closer to understanding what others live and struggle with daily.

These writings are but a stone in a new foundation one can lay for themselves and their lives. There is no magic dust; there is no potion, only hard persistent work with supportive people and tools in your hands to forge a brand new way of living.

One of the outcomes we hope for in these writings is that they assist you in being able to, in a sense, see through the pain—understanding hopefully that there is a space beyond this work where all isn’t so gloomy. It is beneficial to be able to be comforted by others who have been through this healing process and know that they were assisted by some or all of the helpful words and hints contained herein.

It is our wish that in reading, working, and processing this information that you will feel embraced, comforted and strengthened in the end.

Peace to you all as you continue on your journey.

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